28 Mar 2015

2015- March Favourites!

March was a huge shopping month for me what with the March Break smack in the middle. So this month's favourites include some tried-and-true products as well as some new players!
On with the show!

1. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven

A newbie! I bought this because I saw it on Beauty Reductionista eons ago and fell in love with the colour, plus my liquid lipstick kick is still going strong. Man, this stuff is pricey, and probably dupeable, but it makes me feel like a million bucks. I wore it for a whole week straight, which is something I've only ever done with two other lipsticks (Revlon's Iced Amethyst and Rimmel's Alarm, if you were wondering.

2. Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade 15 Fair

I've already sung the praises for Maybelline's newer Master Conceal, but while it's perfect for under my eyes, it's a bit thick for concealing the blemishes on my chin and jaw so it tends to cake a bit on my dry skin. So I picked up the Fit Me concealer, mostly because I knew it would be a relative colour match. It's now my go-to all-purpose concealer! Not foolproof, obviously, but it's wonderfully creamy, blendable, natural and good for everything from blemishes and hyperpigmentation to medium-dark undereye circles! I can't go without it.

3. Joe Fresh Colour Adjust Blush in Coral

I realized I didn't have a coral blush one day at the grocery store and snagged this. Now, I'm not sure about it's colour changing abilities, but it's a beautiful powder blush that has been my go-to to grab on days where I'm not sure what to wear on my cheeks. I love the pop of colour it gives, and it's so springy!

4. Joe Fresh Mousse Blushes in Melon and Rose

I don't even know if these are a favourite or just something I've used a lot this month. I brought them with me on March Break and have been using them almost nonstop, save for using my other Joe Fresh blushes. These are slippery, loaded with silicon and glide onto the face to give your whole cheek a flush. They're dewy and good for days where I feel like looking a bit more natural, as they're quite sheer. Plus you can practically apply them without even using a mirror.

5. i on beauty brushes

Whereas I usually keep my same rotation of two eye brushes and two face brushes (by MAC, Quo and Color Institute), this month I added some i on beauty to the mix. My cousin got me a set for christmas- they're sold cheap at Marshalls, so I was kind of wary. They're synthetic and almost slippery feeling, but recently I picked up some contouring products that require a fluffy angled brush for blending out so I grabbed these. I love them! They're a pretty cheap thrill. Out of the set of 13, I've been using the eye crease brush, and the angled blusher brush. Plus, I can never have enough lip and angled gel eyeliner brushes! Hate washing those.

Well, those were my favourites for this month! Hopefully next month's will include lots of colourful makeup as spring approaches. <3


  1. Those mousse blushes look so lovely! <3

    1. They're very gorgeous and unique in the pan, and cheap as chips!

  2. I haven't tried a lot of Joe Fresh products but the blushes look very interesting. I haven't tried any mousse-like blushes except the Maybelline bouncy ones(can't recall if that is actually the name). The Melon shade looks perfect for the spring/summer.

    Shopping Obsession

    1. They are interesting. :D It's honestly worth trying them out because of the price, because they're so fun to own. These are a lot less dense than the Bouncy blushes, more of a cool-whip consistency.


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