7 Jul 2015

Shark Week EOTD!

Julie started a Shark Week linky for the CBBers and I pondered a while on how I could incorporate Shark Week into makeup. This is what I put together!

This is what I used.

For my eyes:
-Wet n Wild Vegan Culture palette from the Silver Lake collection
-Smashbox Stay Sharp Retractable eyeliner in Onyx
-Laura Mercier creme eyeliner in Graphite
-Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

A close up of the palette. 

On my face in Vichy BB cream and on my lips is Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics lip tar in NSFW.

This is the final product!

The gray-teal wing is supposed to imitate a shark fin.

I used the gray, white and blue shades in the Vegan Culture palette to imitate the sea and sky- so the shark fin is supposed to be visible out of the water.


I didn't get the wings quite even though, haha.

I lined my lower lashline with the Smashbox liner.

Then I applied Better Than Sex to my lashes.

I applied the Vichy BB cream and a little bit of Hard Candy's Glow All the Way to the tops of my cheeks (I forgot to photograph that product, whoops).

Then I applied NSFW to my lips.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed my attempt at Shark Week.


  1. I love it! The colour combination is great and love the shark fin wing. :-)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you think so!

  2. That shadow palette from Wet N Wild was made for an "ocean" themed makeup look. Very pretty :)

  3. Love that eyeshadow palette and what you did with it! I can never ever get the wings of my eyeliner straight (so I've actually just up and stopped doing it haha)


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