22 Jul 2015

Review: Little Luxuries Soapworks Whipped Cream Soap in Vanilla

And the scramble to review my indies continues! Today I have my Whipped Cream Soap from Little Luxuries Soapworks. Little Luxuries Soapworks, or Lilux, is an indie bath and body company based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have the 200g jar of their Whipped Cream Soap. I believe I paid around 6 dollars CAD.
 The label is paper, which I think is a little silly considering it's supposed to go into the shower with you. It's wrinkled but legible after a month of shower use, though. I got the scent vanilla. It also comes in an unscented version.

The soap is fluffy, like a meringue. It's not actually supposed to be pink, I bought a batch that was discounted because the colour turned out wrong. I love the pink colour though, and it doesn't stain my skin or tub! I believe the original colour is supposed to be white.

To use the soap, I just unscrew the cap and dab my shower poof into the jar. A little goes a long, long way. It smells like vanilla soft-serve ice cream and the lather is awesome. I just need a dab for my whole body. It leaves my whole body feeling clean.

I love this stuff! I have a lot of shower gel to go through before I can even consider repurchasing, but I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in the concept or supporting Canadian companies!

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