17 Jul 2015

Exclusively Canadian FOTD!

When it comes to Canadian cosmetics, I can be a bit spoiled for choice.

Compared to my makeup collection at whole, I guess it doesn't look like much, but it's not much to shake a stick at! I wanted to do a makeup look using only Canadian makeup and realized that while I have lots of Canadian lipstick and blush, I lack Canadian incarnations of eyebrow products, concealer, eyeshadow primer, everyday staples like that. I actually had to run out to the store earlier today upon realizing I didn't have any foundation, powder or concealer that was Canadian- I settled on a loose powder by Joe Fresh then ran back home to do this post.

Here's all the stuff I chose to smack on my face!

... Set against the beautiful background of a majorly outdated Toronto skyline.

For my lips, I went with Bite Beauty, eliminating all of my Marcelle products. Sorry, Marcelle. I chose the lip primer, Luminous Creme lipstick in Violet, and lip gloss in Nine from the Watercolour lip gloss Library.

On the face I went with my under-sung favourites, Joe Fresh. I picked their cream-to-powder highlighter in the shade champagne, mousse blush in Melon, and the aforementioned translucent loose powder.

For my eyes, I grabbed my trusty Cargo Northern Lights palette along with Jaunty, a frost shadow single from MAC's Hey Sailor! LE collection. I also picked my Annabelle Stay Sharp liner in Ultraviolet, and the Annabelle Instaglam eyeliner/mascara touch-up duo in Psychedelic. Seriously, the only Canadian mascara I had was purple.

Keeping with the theme, I used only Canadian brushes as well- all Quo, excepting my MAC 224 eye brush.

Here's the final look.

 I applied one coat of the powder first because my face was seriously shiny, and I wanted to see how much coverage it would provide. Then I patted and blended the mousse blush onto my cheeks, and applied another layer of translucent powder. Then I used my fingers to blend the highlighter on top and- WHA-BAM! Check out that shine!

The eyes look a little lackluster, I'll admit, but the look was going to be a lot more vibrant originally, I swear. First I used my Quo fluffy shader brush to apply MAC's Jaunty all over my lid, then went into my Northern Lights palette and brushed Reindeer into my crease. It looked very dark, so I panicked a bit and buffed Polar into the crease to blend it out. I don't know how much I succeeded at doing so. Then I applied a little of Osetra and a lot of Aurora to the lids, and used my MAC 224 to pick up any fallout under my eyes and highlight my browbone with Iceland, trying to blend out the crease a bit more as I did so. Then I used the Annabelle Stay Sharp eyeliner in Ultraviolet to line my top lashline...

... And my bottom one as well. Then I applied the purple mascara touch-up from the Annabelle Instaglam duo to my top and bottom lashes.

I then primed my lips with Bite Beauty's lip primer, and applied their Luminous Creme lipstick in Violet and layered the Nine lip gloss on top of that, keeping with the purple theme from the mascara and liner.

And here's the final product!

I hope you liked this look and maybe gained some inspiration to do a Canadian FOTD of your own!


  1. I loved Jaunty so much that I hunted down two backups from online sellers! :)

  2. Had no idea Cargo is a Canadian company! Would have loved to get my hands on a single of "Finland", doesn't look like it's still up, though. Thanks for the Canadian spotlights!

    Gil | Nosegasm.com


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