14 Jul 2015

Review: Wunderbar Soap Whipped Body Butter in Vanilla Mint

Now here's a product I have a strange relationship with. Honestly, the relationship between me and this tub of body butter is fanfiction-worthy.

When it first arrived in the mail, I didn't like anything about it. Seriously, nothing. It was smaller than I thought it would be- certainly smaller than any other body butter I owned- the scent, sniffed cold, was abrasively artificial, and the texture and ingredients- well, it seemed like something I could easily make in my own kitchen! What a rip-off. What a disappointment. What a tragedy.

Then I used it a few times ... and it was love.

It gradually grew on me. The unique, indescribable sound it makes when I pick some up with my fingers... and the scent, oh god, the scent. I slathered myself in this so much, and when I ran out of places to apply it, I tried to eat it. I'm being 100% serious here; I tried to eat my body butter. I'm not proud of it, but it happened. Body butter entered my mouth at some point. The rest is hazy.

Anyways, the actual product: it's an easy DIY mixture of coconut and sweet almond oils, along with fragrance. Because it's all oils, it melts the second you put some in the palm of your hand, and then you rub the oil onto your skin. It makes your skin really shiny and smells amazing, vanilla-y and minty. It dries down pretty quickly, but you're still, well, oily for a time afterwards,

I don't have especially dry skin, but I didn't find that this had any flabbergasting longlasting effects on my skin's softness. It's just a nice, luxurious moisturizer.

I honestly will probably repurchase this because I'm whipped for the scent. If you're not a fan of thick body butters, like coconut oil and/or are allergic to stuff like shea butter, give this a try!

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