13 Jul 2015

Lipstick Stash & Swatch: Oranges and Corals

Here's the first segment of the Lipstick Stash & Swatch Series! First up is the smallest set as I get used to doing tons of lip swatches at the same time.

What I've discovered so far about multiple lip swatches:
-They suck.
-You will have a clown stain around your lip line.
-Your lips will cramp and your neck will crick from posing.
-All of your concealer from your mouth and chin area will be wiped off. If you often get mouth and chin blemishes like I do, this will be a nightmare.

What have I gotten myself into?! Well... without further ado, here we go with the lipsticks.

Top row: NYC Smooch Proof liquid lip stain in Faithful Coral, OCC lip tar in Cha Cha.

Bottom row L-R: OCC lip tar in Grandma, Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in Coral-ine, MAC Wash & Dry lipstick in Morange, Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick in A Go Go, essence lipstick in Coral Calling, Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick in 24 Carrot Gold.

And swatches!

Some are similar... but not as similar as I expected them to be. I thought Morange and A Go Go would be identical, but there's a difference in undertone, and 24 Carrot Gold is completely lighter than either of them.

Lip swatches now!

Grandma is a cute coral.

Coral-ine is a deepened, reddish coral.

Morange is a reddish carrot orange.

Faithful Coral is a nearly translucent peach stain.

A Go Go is a neon Crayola orange.

Coral Calling is an adorable pinky coral.

24 Carrot Gold is a baby carrot orange.

Cha Cha is a pale, whitened orangey peach.

I thought I had many more orange lipsticks than I actually do- I guess I just wear them more often than I do any other colour. It's hard to find ones that are flattering on me, though, so I guess that's why I don't have as many. One thing's for sure, though, orange gets my heart pumping! I'd much rather wear a bright orange or cute coral lip than a red one.

Well, that's the first bit of my lipstick stash you get to see! Which colour family do you want to see next?

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