18 Jul 2015

Review: Country Cabin Candles & Soaps Moisturizing Lotion

Spoiler alert: this stuff is great. You can see here that I'm reviewing four bottles of Country Cabin's Intense Moisturizing Lotion, but actually I have more. I've probably bought around ten or twelve of these, as they make amazing gifts.

Country Cabin Candles and Soaps is an independent brand based in Val Caron, Ontario, and you can buy their products off their website, or at one of twelve (I think) locations around the Northern Ontario-Sudbury area. I buy mine from the Walden Guardian drugstore by my home. The brand also offers soy candles, body butters, goat's milk soap (they are SO cute) and soy wax melts! I want to get some of the melts for when I go off to university where I can't use candles.

I keep one of these bottles everywhere in the house and these are the scents I could track down for my review:  Lilac, Oatmeal Milk 'n' Honey, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Sweet Orange Chili Pepper.

Lilac doesn't smell exactly like lilacs- it smells like a mix of lilacs, violets and a hint of summer fruits.

Oatmeal, Milk 'n' Honey smells exactly like the one from Basin White, a very expensive brand from the US. It's hard to describe- like sweet almond oatmeal muffins? It's delicious, anyways.

Ruby Red Grapefruit smells exactly like real sugared grapefruit. It's not my favourite, because it's almost... too real for me? I can definitely appreciate it for its authenticity, though.

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper is such a great and original combination of scent. I don't get a lot of the chili though, mostly a sweet, fresh tangerine scent.

The bottles are a great size for a moisturizer and very sturdy, yet still squeezable. The labels are paper stickers with handwritten names. That's dedication!

The lotion itself is creamy and a good consistency- not as thick as a body butter, and not as thin as some moisturizers I've tried. Basically, you squirt some into your palm, and it'll hold its shape. It sinks into the skin after about a half-minute of rubbing, leaving you a bit moist but not sticky. It moisturizes pretty well, I find, but I'm honestly not a very good judge when it comes to moisturizers as I have very hydrated skin and hands and have all my life (my face, however, is a desert.) 

But guys, listen, I wouldn't care if this moisturizer left me dry as straight-up gin in a glass. Because every single one of them smells amazing. Oh my god, the smell. They're delicious, and have absolutely NONE of the artificial, perfumey, plasticky after-tinge I get from big commercial brands of moisturizer like Bath & Body Works and Fruits & Passion. I'm seriously impressed and in love.

Not only do they smell amazing- oh no. The scent on these LASTS. I'll apply a bit of lotion to my forearm, and I smell like fresh grapefruits for five hours after. I once took a shower two hours after applying this lotion and when I got out, I still smelled like Oatmeal Milk 'n' Honey. This stuff is crazy impressive. 

I can't recommend these, and the brand, enough. The products are an amazing value- this bottle of lotion is around $6.50- and they're made close to my home. I really love supporting this brand and hope they come out with some more bath and body products- maybe a sugar scrub or shower gel?- because the ones I've tried are spectacular. 

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