7 Jul 2015

Finish 5 By Fall!

Hey guys! First of all, I am so so sorry about the semi-hiatus I went on recently. I graduated high school and was completely burnt out, plus I've been working a lot to save money for university.

Today I'm going to be joining a challenge with several CBBers- the Finish Five by Fall challenge! I was initially very hesitant about joining such a challenge, as I've only ever finished two makeup products before in my life. Empties posts are a monumental feat for me. So I figured to have any hope in hell of finishing things off, they'd have to be mostly minis.

Here are the products I chose- more than five, but oh well. I chose products that I wasn't already trying to finish in my Use it Up 2015.

The first item is this Urban Decay primer sample. These things can last me up to a month, and I'm still trying to finish off a Smashbox primer sample, so I figured this wasn't too much of a cheat.

The second is this eeny meeny Smashbox trio. It's so little. However, I don't know how tempted I'll be to wear this in the summer... we'll see.

Third are these Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipstick samples. These always last me multiple uses, and there are two more that I couldn't track down to photograph but will be using as well.

Fourth is this essence stay matt! Translucent pressed powder. I've made good progress on this already and I really want to use this up during summer while I'm at home, because the closing mechanism on the packaging is broken and it's a huge pain to transport.

Fifth is this Fresh sugar lip balm therapy lip treatment. I'm (gasp) not a fan of these lip balms and I'm just going to use this one up before it gets all melty and nasty.

And lastly is this mini Josie Maran watercolour cheek gelee. I love this thing to death, it's perfect for summer and it will go quickly.

And so concludes the intro to my Finish 5+ By Fall! I'll keep you guys posted on my progress throughout the summer. 

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  1. Good luck!! Once you start finishing up makeup products, it gets easier since you know it can be done. Eyeshadows/blushes are the hardest for me whereas lip products are the easiest. Hope it's been going weelll :D

    Raincouver Beauty


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