20 Jul 2015

Review: Simply Suds Lavender Deodorant

A deodorant review?! Okay, Megan's officially jumped off the cosmetics train. Okay, no she hasn't, she just really loves indie Canadian brands, okay?

Now she's going to stop referring to herself in the third person.

So here's the object of this review, Simply Suds Lavender Deodorant. It's an all-natural stick deodorant from Simply Suds, a skincare and soap brand based out of my city's neighbour- beautiful North Bay, Ontario. I picked this up at a boutique in the North Bay downtown on a gorgeous summer day. It was one of the best days of my life, to be honest. 

Okay, okay, onto the deodorant itself.

I'll be completely transparent here. I didn't buy this because I think normal deodorant is dangerous or anything. I mean, it might be, but I just bought this because it's local. It's good for you, and doesn't contain aluminium, which is good, but it's not garnering any higher of a rating from me for its natural characteristics. I just want deodorant that makes me not smell bad and have wet pits.

A weird thing this thing does, though, is get condensation in the cap, because it's more moist (sorry) than other deodorants, which I find to be powdery. It's not a performance issue, so if you get this and it happens, dun worry. All's good.

The deodorant itself smells like lavender with a faint but distinctive whiff of glue stick. It kind of has the same texture as a glue stick, too. Both the stickiness and the scent disappear after around the two-minute mark, to never return. 

And does it work? Mostly. It definitely keeps me dry! This deodorant provides around 7 hours of scent blockage- and it doesn't make your pits smell like lavender, it makes them scentless, which I like. Around the 7 hour mark I start getting slight B.O. but nothing too offensive.

For an indie deodorant, I'm impressed! I might even repurchase this if I get the chance because I like how the formula is a gel instead of the powdery ones from SpeedStick. I'll definitely use this up, anyway, and I recommend you check out the company if you prefer natural/aluminium-free deodorant!

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