8 Jul 2015

Indie Brand Spotlight: Little Luxuries Soapworks!

Today I'm spotlighting and showing you my stash of one of my favourite Canadian indie bath brands, LiLux Soapworks. They are based out of Nova Scotia and you can purchase their goods off of etsy. All of these products were purchased on my own.

Behold, the hoard.

Some bath bombs- I got five, but one has been used and one is a gift.

Cocoa butter bath melts- these are pure heaven for the skin.

Soap! I'm honestly not a big fan of glycerin soap but these are so cute.

The whipped soap. /This stuff/, you guys. A full review is coming soon.

Jelly soap! What an interesting concept.

Their little sugar cube scrubs- pure genius.

Anyway, I suggest you check these guys out! They're inexpensive, good quality, inventive and Canadian. They also have a feature where you can purchase a certain dollar amount's worth of overstock, discontinues, and seconds, which is what I did. 

I'll be reviewing the products I bought as described, however, as I feel it would be unfair to review something sent out as a second. Reviews will be out this month, so stay tuned!


  1. Those bath melts look very intriguing!

    1. They're awesome, but they don't smell like cocoa which is disorienting.


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