11 Jul 2015

Review: Wunderbar Soap Whipped Shaving Butter for her in Amber Romance

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I haven't done a review in a very long time, and this review is going to be different than the others- it's a skincare product!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... the Wunderbar Soap Whipped Shaving Butter in Amber Romance! I purchased this off of Wunderbar's etsy store when I was going on a huge binge-buy of Canadian indie brands, and this piqued my interest. Shaving...butter? My little sister always steals all of my shaving cream, so I figured if I got something more inconspicuous, that might prevent it from disappearing.

However, my little brother loves it, dispelling the "for her" on the product name. He also loves Victoria's Secret Gingerbread Woman bubble bath. You go, lil' bro.

The whipped shaving butter is very dense in consistency, waxy almost, like butter straight out of the freezer. You have to scrape bits off with your fingers, which isn't too user-friendly. 

The scent is pleasant- it doesn't smell of much like anything to me, just a bit musky, but my stepsister declared, "Mmmm! This smells amazing, sooo good!" and she's really picky, so I trust her judgement. So I guess it smells good.

The formula has tiny grains of exfoliator dispensed very sparsely throughout. They probably won't do much of anything, but it makes the appearance of the stuff in the pot nicer- like a pepper-speckled cream instead of a hunk of grey gunk. 

I have a gripe with the packaging- it's perfectly functional as a container, but the label is not waterproof. The ink rubs off when the label gets wet. Usually I wouldn't be so picky, and I feel bad complaining because it's an indie company, but I think that if a product is intended to be used in the shower, the label should be able to withstand getting wet.

I typically only use this on my underarms, for a variety of reasons- one, I'd have to use way too much and it would be a hassle to get the amount of product needed on my legs. Two, I hate using regular shaving cream on my underarms because it seems like too much. This is the perfect medium. 

To operate, you rub the product into your skin, trying to make sure the little shards of product you've managed to scrape off don't slip out from between your skin and go down the drain. It takes about 10-15 seconds of rubbing to produce a rather weak lather and a film. The weaker lather is what I like about this product, as I like to actually be able to see what I'm shaving. You shave, and then rinse the film off. Or leave it there, since the film is mostly just moisturizing butters, but I have pets and their hair seeks out any moisturized limb within a 100-meter radius. 

I don't feel like this is any more effective than other shaving cream or gel, or heck, even regular soap. I did find that it moisturized my skin a bit more, which can be important if you're using a strong clinical deodorant on the daily. For me, this is purely a performance product- it helps in the moment, and I prefer it slightly over my other shaving products for that.

I won't repurchase, but I will use this tub up. If you're an indie lover and want to spice things up in the shower, hell, go for it, but I have no idea what other subset of people I'd recommend this to- other than my little brother.

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  1. Interesting product, Megan! Sometimes indie companies mean well but don't think everything through, like the label you mentioned. Would you recommend it for the face? I'm guessing that's what your brother uses it for, and seeing his VS love he has good taste! LOL


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