21 Jul 2015

Review: Little Luxuries Soapworks Sugar Cube Scrub in Apricots and Honey

Can you tell I'm trying to review all of my indies before the month is over?

No but really, today I'm reviewing a product that, spoiler alert, I love. That product is Lilux Soapworks' Sugar Cube Scrub in Apricots and Honey. Little Luxuries Soapworks is an indie bath and body company based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

First, let me express how impressed I am by this genius and unique concept. I'm used to buying/making sugar scrubs in tubs; and scooping them out a bit at a time to use so the contents of the jar wouldn't get all watery and crusty from being exposed to the shower. I'd keep the hunk of scrub that I'd scooped out on a candle lid on a shelf in my shower.

These cubes are a game changer.

Instructions: "Take a cube or two into the shower, and smoosh them in your palm with a bit of water. Scrub away dry skin and moisturize in one step! *Not for use on face. May make tub slippery. Getting water into bottle will shorten shelf life."

These come in a clear tub with about 20-25 cubes a jar and retail for $7.95 CAD. They come in scents such as this one, Green Apple (which I'll be buying once I run out of these), Blueberry Mint, Mmm... Man, Sex on the Beach, Almond, and many more. 

Seriously, aren't they the cutest? The scent I got, Apricots and Honey, is very sweet and fruity. I don't get 'honey' at all, but a lot of syrupy apricot and a bit of peach. It's very nice. 

I find that one cube is enough for my entire body. In fact, I usually only need to exfoliate my feet and shin area, so I cut the cubes in half and bring one half into the shower. At first I never read the instructions and would just rub the cube on my body to exfoliate, which I find works just as well or even better than smooshing them in your hand. Smooshing is effective but I find that I lose a lot of product as I rub and bits fall out between my hand and fingers.

These are a little rough in grain, so it makes sense that these aren't recommended for facial use. The texture of the cube in general is soft and slippery and these actually get a bit of a lather as you scrub. I find they're very moisturizing and leave my skin soft. They're about as effective in exfoliating as any other sugar scrub, meaning that they don't get all the dead skin off of my feet, but they're good for upkeep if you've got dry skin, especially in the winter months.

I definitely will be repurchasing these in several scents and I think that the convenience of these wins over making my own sugar scrubs! You should absolutely check these out as they're a great concept with even better execution.

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