9 Jul 2015

Spotlight: My Favourite Canadian Brands!

Today I'm going to be showcasing some of my favourite Canadian beauty brands, both indie and mainstream!

Note: I am aware that not all of these brands are still Canadian-owned, but they all started in Canada and that's what matters to me!

Simply Suds: An indie natural makeup and skincare line based in North Bay, Ontario.

This natural deodorant is the only product I own from them, but it's pretty awesome! I've been meaning to review it for ages.

Little Luxuries Soapworks: an indie bath and body line from Nova Scotia.

I like this brand for their stellar customer service, generous product size, and variety. My favourites from this brand would have to be their whipped cream soap and their body scrub sugar cubes!

Country Cabin Candles and Soaps: an indie skincare and home line based out of Val Caron, Ontario.

I loooove this brand. I have so much of their stuff. My favourite things about them are the great value of their products, and the huge variety of scents they offer!

Joe Fresh: Not every product in the Joe Fresh makeup line is a star, but their blushes remain the favourite ones in my collection- and only 6 dollars each!

MAC: Not Canadian anymore, but I really do like the packaging on their LE releases. Unfortunately, I don't love their products that much- but really, how can someone not like MAC...?

Bite Beauty: I have so much Bite, guys. They're unbeatable in terms of pigmented lipsticks for me. My personal favourites are their double-ended lipsticks. They're just great and their new releases always have me excited.

Cargo: I love their product names more than I love my own life. This palette is all I own from them but I look forward to picking up more goodies for the geography lover in me- and this palette really impressed me!

Marcelle: Their cosmetics are all scentless and hypoallergenic which is so important to me. I'm addicted to their Rouge xPression lipsticks.

There's a glimpse at my favourite Canadian brands- what are yours?

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  1. I had NO idea that Cargo, Bite Beauty or Joe Fresh were Canadian... I have more Canadian Beauty Products than I thought!


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