18 Nov 2015

Review: LUSH Massage Bar in Each Peach (And Two's a Pear)

The CBB Brand of the Month for November is LUSH. While I've tried many of LUSH's bath bombs, I only have two multi-use items from LUSH. I have the limited-edition GAY IS OK soap bar, and I have this Massage Bar.

I also got the tin for it- it's pretty sturdy. 

My massage bar is in the scent Each Peach (And Two's a Pear). The LUSH Website describes the scent as "cheery citrus". I would say that's accurate- it smells, to me, just like the peach-flavoured Five Alive juice (which so happens to be my favourite juice).

The bar itself feels soft and a bit like a wax bath melt. It has pretty flowers on it, which makes me happy. It's supposed to melt with your body heat, but it doesn't melt right away in your hand. You rub it against your skin hard, and at first it tugs but soon it warms up and glides across the skin. It leaves your skin strongly fragrances, shiny and soft. I can't tell you what the long term moisturizing effects of this product are, because I only use it as a rare treat, but it's very relaxing and makes my skin feel soft, and smells awesome! I'd definitely purchase another massage bar from LUSH.

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