2 Nov 2015

October 2015 Beauty Favourites

October went both fast and slow for me. Midterms, Thanksgiving and Halloween took up most of my time, so I definitely didn't get to do all that much makeup-wise. Thus, I came out of the month with some clear favourites, or things I found myself using over and over again. Here they are!

Ta-daaa. A lot of lip products, as per usual, and a lot of Urban Decay.

1. Urban Decay Ultra Definition Naked Skin Powder Foundation in Fair Cool

This stuff is awesome and I've often been forgoing my usual routine of 3-concealers and liquid foundation for a layer of this bad boy right here. The coverage on this is truly impressive and so useful for when I'm in a rush but my skin looks awful. It evens out my skin, covers redness, and gives a natural finish. I use the sponge to apply it, and a small brush to get my undereyes. This can be used wet or dry, depending on the amount of coverage you want. My only complaint about this powder is that I don't find that it's fair or cool enough to be described as "Fair Cool".

2. Clean & Clear Advantage Mark Treatment with Salicylic Acid

I usually hate Clean & Clear, but this stuff is a miracle worker. I've been getting a lot of big stress pimples lately- the ones you can feel under your skin before they pop up. An application or two of this stuff kills them without mercy!

3. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara in Black Brown

I picked this up because it was the only somewhat brown mascara I could find in the drugstore on short notice (I needed brown mascara for a look I was doing). It's cheap, does the job and is easy to take off. I've been using it a lot as my basic mascara.

4. MAC Mineralize Shadow in Mi'Lady

I bought this solely for the name (because MRAs are funny). While it's not my favourite eyeshadow in the world, I've been using it nonstop as a blush lately. It works perfectly as a dramatic fall blush when applied with a stipple brush!

5. Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Temper

Oh, this shade. It's the perfect burnt red-orange. It's not the most comfortable matte I've worn, but I've been applying it again and again over the month. An amazing fall colour.

Here's me wearing it.

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liner in Midnight Cowboy

The perfect nude. I love the formula of this so much- it's creamy, glides on, is full-coverage and provides depth to my lip outline- that I've been wearing more nude lips than ever lately. I want more of these lipliners!

Me wearing it!

6. The new Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks

These are from a new LE collection I spotted one day at Rexall, so I snatched up four of the five or six shades they offered. The packaging is different from the regular Megalast packaging- same crappy plastic cap, but the tube itself is rubberized and matte, like NARS packaging. Love it! These colours are very vampy. Here's me wearing some of them.


Celeb Sighting.

Coffee Buzz.

They're extremely creamy and pigmented, not drying at all! They're really awesome and inspired me to drag out the rest of my Megalast collection and fall back in love with them again.

Whew! October is over, so is this post. What were you loving this month?

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