11 Nov 2015

Cozy Bath Comforts- No Tub Necessary!

Keeping on the theme of cozy comforts, someone suggested I do a bath/relaxation post. Unfortunately, since I moved into my dorm, I can't do what I used to to relax and be cozy. When I lived at home, I would light a candle and treat myself to a nice long soak. Candles are not allowed in my residence and I have a stand-up shower. Not to worry though- I've found alternative ways to get my cozy on!

Here are the top products I use to pamper.

My Bath & Body Works shower gel in Mahogany Teakwood. I break this out when I want to feel warm and woodsy. It's an alternative to my usual fruity shower soaps. It smells like a cologne, and it imparts a very warm, relaxed feeling as I lather it over my skin.

If I'm not feeling the strong heady scents so much, I use my Little Luxuries Soapworks whipped soap in Vanilla. It's creamy, light and the vanilla scent makes me feel very soft and cozy.

If I'm really treating myself in the shower, I'll bring a couple of these in- my Little Luxuries Soapworks Sugar Cube Scrub in Apricots and Honey. Not the coziest scent- it's more fruity- but the honey makes it very nice and comforting. It really is a treat to use these to buff my dead skin away and this leaves me feeling refreshed.

There you have it- proof that you don't need a tub to treat yourself at bathtime!

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