10 Nov 2015

A Cozy Comfort (And Review): Basin White Body Butter in Oatmeal Honey

Today I'm sharing with you a luxe favourite of mine- Basin White brand Body Butter in Oatmeal Honey.

It's definitely a cozy comfort of mine. Whenever I'm feeling down, I rub myself up with this and it makes me feel that much better.

The scent is incredible- sweet, but not cloying. It smells like a honey buttercream with a bit of caramelized sweetness. Definitely good enough to eat!

The scent lasts for a long time, too- up to 6 hours on me if I'm not moving around that much. I always get compliments on how I smell when I'm wearing this.

It's truly a body butter- emphasis on the butter. It's very thick and you have to warm it up with your finger to get it on your skin. 

It's truly a rich, indulgent product.

It sinks into my skin pretty well after a few moments- no complaints about being greasy here. It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

This product truly is a cozy comfort and I would recommend you seek it out if you've got the cash and you want a rich butter moisturizer!

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