1 Apr 2015

The I Heart Spring tag!

As I sit here writing this, my shoes are sitting in a pile of snow because I sank in mud walking home from the library. Yeah, that's spring in Canada for you. My grandma's watermain is still frozen!

But my face has been bitten by the springy makeup bug, so dang it, I'm doing this tag! Apologies for the quality of the pictures.

1. Favourite spring nail polish?

Revlon Parfumerie forever! Practically the only polishes I wear, and my picks for spring are Ginger Melon (pinky coral) and Sunlit Grass (primary yellow).

2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?

Surprisingly, Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven. Mostly because it matches my spring coat and boots.

3. Show us your favourite spring item of clothing!

A purple jacket by Vero Moda that I got at the Bay. It goes with any outfit, seriously, and looks chic as all get-out. Plus- purple!

4. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?

I am not an accessory person. But I finally landed my grubby little hands on this Anna Sui Rouge Ring, and damnit if I'm not going to wear this gaudy, amazing piece of plastic everywhere.

5. What spring trends are you most excited about this year?

Red lips. I don't even know why, at first I was upset about the trend because I wanted to wear my oranges. But ... I dunno. I need to get more wear out of my reds!

6. What's your favourite flower?

Lilacs forever and always. They remind me of growing up, my neighbourhood has always been filled with lilac bushes. The scent is so saturated for a few weeks in the spring that it'll make your eyes water. This candle from Bath and Body Works smells just like a real lilac bloom.

7. Favourite spring footwear?

My red wellies! 

8. Favourite perfume for spring?

NEST Amazon Lily, but I'm on the hunt for a new one. Does anyone have any recommendations for fruity fragrances, say, peach?

9. What is spring like where you live?

Sweating in a tank top as you slip on ice walking down the street. For real.

10. Favourite spring candle?

This lil' baby right here. It's sooo goood.

Well, that's the tag! I just figured I'd do a quick post before the day is over. I tag Chelle from Makeup Your Mind  and anyone else who wants to do the tag! Comment if you do so I can check it out!

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