12 Apr 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Silver Lake Collection- California Roll Eyeshadow Palette

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a Rexall in Sault Ste. Marie (I just accepted Algoma University's offer of admission!) and saw all of the Wet N Wild LE Silver Lake palettes sitting there in front of me. I panicked and bought all of them, but today I'll just be reviewing the one I was the most excited about, California Roll.

This palette contains six mostly-bright shades. You can see why I was so excited! 

Usually I'd number the swatches, but I think y'all can tell what order I'm going in.

Shadow 1 is a butter-coloured shimmer.

Shadow 2 is a shimmery beachy colour with silver glitter.

Shadow 3 is a lime green satin with silver glitter. It's rather dry.

Shadow 4 is a satin peach with an extremely powdery, chalky consistency.

Shadow 5 is a beautiful blue-teal shimmer, the colour of tropical waters. Sadly, it's not as impressive on the eyes as it is on the arm.

Shadow 6 is a powdery red satin. It's more orange toned than blue. 

Now.... this palette is not as good as it swatches. Let me show you my first attempt to wear it.

As soon as I put it on (sorry for the low quality pictures in this post, by the way.) I tried to use all the colours and it was a freaking pain. They wouldn't blend- they'd get muddy when I tried and if I ran the brush over my eyelid again, the shadows would lift off of my eyelid, leaving me with bald patches. But I figured I had cobbled a look together, at least.

This is that same look, I kid you not, an HOUR later. MUD. Not happy. I even used my Smashbox eye primer!

I took it all off and started over, this time only using the shimmery highlight shades and the peach.

Doesn't look too bad...

And here it is an hour later. In my haste I had forgotten to use primer...

And the whole shebang creased off my lid.

Not to be defeated, I tried again with just the green shades. My results were a lot more successful and it didn't fade or crease or turn muddy. *Billy Joel voice* Don't ask me why.

Ta-daaa. A lot better.

Another day, I picked up this palette and resolved to use it again. This time, I used my Smashbox primer AND NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Like the first try, I used all of the colours in the palette. This look was a lot more successful, but still pretty hard to apply. You can see it's not terribly well-blended.

Granted, it looks a lot better when I open my eyes.

This look lasted me the whole day with only minimal fading.

The bottom line: though this palette is priced for beginners, that's not the intended audience. If you've got a good shadow primer, and a white base, and a whole lot of patience/skill, go ahead and grab this. I grabbed it because I'm a collector, so while I'm not entirely disappointed I bought it, it's a total miss because of how un-user friendly it is. I wouldn't recommend this palette.


  1. I hear you on this palette - sounds similar to the issues I had with Morphe. I think I'll still go out and snatch it (IF I can find it, I couldn't find it at all in the US so now I'm starting to check Rexalls here) if possible.

    1. Ooh, I saw that Julie's gonna get you some! We can compare our experiences with it- maybe I got a dud?


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