6 Apr 2015

My Top 5 Drugstore Spring Blushes

The sun is shining, and I can walk my puppy without having to dry her paws! It's spring! And for me, spring means bright blush!

Here are my top 5 budget-friendly blush picks for the season!

Here they are, all artfully arranged on an actual backdrop. I'm moving up in the world, folks!

1. NYX Stick Blush in Tulip.

Easy, sheer, creamy and blendable, this blush is cute as heck- and makes you look even cuter than you already are! It's a gorgeous pinky-mauve that's seriously dewy without sinking into pores or wiping right off your cheeks.

2. Joe Fresh Colour Adjust Blush in Coral

I love this blush to death. If I could only wear one blush this season, this would be it. It's a gorgeous apricot that leans pink on me, while still being peachy.

3. e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal (I know the cap says Pink Lemonade but that's because I mixed up the caps!)

This is actually a liquid highlighter but it's essential for spring- and it's only a dollar! It adds a glow to my face that my powder just couldn't hope to imitate.

4. Joe Fresh Mousse Blush in Pink

This blush is just pure cute. It's a bright lemonadey-pink that melts into your skin! Perfect for those days you want to go without foundation because of how hot it is.

5. Joe Fresh Mousse Blush in Melon

I've got a serious thing for Joe Fresh blush, okay? This is an orange whipped blush that goes great with blue eyeliner.

Here's the swatches!
In order top to bottom,

NYX Tulip
Joe Fresh Coral
e.l.f. Lilac Petal
Joe Fresh Pink
Joe Fresh Melon

Happy blushing, everyone!

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