17 May 2015

Stash Raid: How I Store my Eyeshadows!

One of my favourite things to do is go through other people's makeup stashes; just to see what they have. I honestly love it. So now I'm giving you the chance to ogle all of my eyeshadow, as well as see how I store it!

All my storage. It sits normally on a standing rack in the bathroom.

First up is palettes!

I keep them in this desk organizer/letter holder from Homesense.

Here's most of the ones from the first two compartments! Lots of Wet n Wild.

And here are the rest. I also use this organizer to store my Bite Beauty lip sets (Best Bite Remix holiday 2014 and Watercolour lip gloss library), and my contour palette from Sephora collection.

Now the singles!

I store them in these tubs that I got for 50 cents each at Dollarama.

Here's the Miscellaneous ones, as well as a couple of duos and trios.

A couple of Laura Mercier creme eyeliners snuck their way in here too.

And here's my color tattoos!

This isn't all of them, a couple are at my dad's.

And a whole bin for my Maybelline Baked shadows...

And a Body Shop one that snuck its way in.

Next up is what's holding my Makeup Geek shadows until I get an actual palette for them! It's a bead organizer from Dollarama.

The shadows are held down using double-sided tape.

Well, that's my eyeshadow stash! I hope you enjoyed romping through. What palettes would you like to see looks with or reviews of?

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