8 May 2015

Review: NYX Macaron Lippies in Violet, Lavender, Key Lime and Pistachio

Alternatively titled, "Megan Is Very Late To The Party", today I'll be reviewing the four shades of NYX Macaron lippies that I own. As these are not available for purchase in Canada (as far as I know), I received them in a swap!

(Top to Bottom) Lavender, Violet, Key Lime, Pistachio

Let me start off by saying how impressed I was and still am with NYX for putting out this line of lipsticks. In the past year, NYX has been the most innovative, bold and downright ballsy drugstore brand (if not brand in general!) out there. To put out a drugstore, non-halloween line of pastel lipstick of all things? Then follow it up with their Wicked Lippies? I'm floored and delighted. So I was especially happy to get my hands on some of these lipsticks.

(Top to Bottom) Lavender, Violet, Key Lime, Pistachio

Look at those swatches! 

Lavender is a blue-based, well, lavender. It's very cool-toned and ethereal.

Violet is a blue-toned medium purple! It's got the best pigmentation of the bunch.

Key Lime is a neon green that's surprisingly well-executed.

Pistachio is an aqua, a dupe colour-wise for OCC's Pool Boy lip tar.

Violet on the lips.

Violet is the best-executed of the Macaron lippies I own. It's got the most solid pigmentation and staying power- about 4 hours if you don't drink or rub your lips against anything- and the texture is less slippery than the rest.

It's very eye-catching but probably still the most wearable of the ones that I own. Still, not for the faint of heart!

Next up to bat is Key Lime.

Key Lime on the lips.

Key Lime has a white base that can make it appear rather chalky.

It definitely takes a little bit of fighting to get full pigmentation, but it's not terrible. Key Lime lasts about two-three hours once it sets, unless you're planning on a sandwich.

On we go to Lavender, my personal favourite. It's just so unique!

Lavender has a white base just like Key Lime.

You'd think it'd be at least somewhat conventional or wearable, but nope. Totally unique and totally ME! It looks gorgeous and doesn't take as much finagling as Key Lime. It lasts about 2 hours once it sets.

And last but not least, Pistachio, which is coloured nothing like a pistachio?

Pistachio is, as I mentioned before, a colour dupe for Pool Boy by OCC; however, obviously not formula-wise. It has a white base like the previous two, which makes the colour pop. It definitely had the worst pigmentation of the four I have. It's a bit of a challenge, but the colour might just be worth it.

It lasts about an hour and a half before it starts looking bad.

Well, that's my extremely late review of the Macaron Lippies by NYX! Again, I congratulate NYX on coming up with something so niche and original as a drugstore brand. Hurrah!


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