26 May 2015

Review: MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick

At this point I should just crown myself princess of being late to the party when it comes to reviewing products. However, I have a bit of an excuse today- MAC is the CBB's brand of the month for May, so I'm reviewing the only MAC product I own that was purchased in the last 15 years, the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick.

The coveted MAC bullet. Also my nails.

Ta-daaa. When I saw this colour, I knew I had to have it, because it looked like a colour-dupe for the most flattering lip gloss I ever owned. The lipgloss suffered a tragic death and I had been on the hunt for a replacement. Plus, all the proceeds of the Viva Glam campaign go to finding a cure for AIDS, which is a monumental cause. 

The packaging features Miley's signature. 

The lipstick is a hot candy pink, not quite magenta. It's adorable and I love it. It has MAC's signature vanilla scent.

The formula is very creamy and opaque, a bit glossier than your average satin. It wears about three hours unless you start eating- and as it fades, it leaves a stain, not quite even, more of a ring around the lips. It's not something I'd wear to work, but for school it'll do.

Plus, hey, it's flattering as hell!

I'm glad I purchased this lipstick, even if I'm not 100% satisfied with its longevity. I was going to buy some neutral MAC lipsticks, hoping I could wear them to work, but now I know that they won't hold up to my working conditions, so I'll stick with Wet n Wild Megalast. Still, this was a great purchase and I recommend checking out the Viva Glam line before regular MAC lipsticks, because of the proceeds going to AIDS charities.


  1. Unless it's a Matte, Retro Matte or a Satin, MAC lipsticks won't stay put on me. It's kind of sad since it means I have to avoid a lot of colours by them. :(

    STILL... this is a lovely shade. Very, very flattering.

    1. I feel you on that. I really want to try the Retro Matte formula- especially some of those new colours that just came out. Men Love Mystery looks very similar to something I already have in my collection, but oh man, I want it.

      Thank you!


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