1 Apr 2016

My Top 5 Pink Lippies for Spring!

So, here's the thing. I love pink lipstick, but we took a break over the fall and winter. I was trying new things- nudes, browns, navies- but now that it's spring, me and my pink lippies are back, and we're going strong. Here are my favourite five pink lip picks for this spring! I've got a mix of glosses, balms, traditional and liquid lipsticks.

(L-R: essence Show Off, NYX Life's a Beach, Revlon HD Flirt, LORAC Girl Next Door, H&M Sweet Pea)

Here are the swatches! We've got all shades of pink here.

Make no mistakes, this 'liquid lipstick' by essence is anything but- it's a highly pigmented, very sticky lipgloss. While I was expecting a more traditional liquid lipstick, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love this product! I never know how to describe this shade of pink- it's like the outside of a dragonfruit, I guess? LOL. This gloss has great staying power and the stickiness doesn't bother me- if you've ever tried Bite Beauty's lip glosses, this essence liquid lipstick has a very similar formula. It also tastes like candy!

Another liquid lipstick, this time one of NYX's Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. This one is Life's A Beach, a very pale coral pink shade. I originally thought this would be very unflattering on me, and granted, if I'm not wearing a full face of makeup, it does look rather out of place. But when I need a lip colour to brighten up my face- and that's perfect for spring- I reach for Life's a Beach!

This next one is also billed as a liquid lipstick but it's more of an ultra-comfortable lip cream. It's the Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolour in HD Flirt, a beautiful coral that leans a little pinky-peach. I find that it's perfect for spring- I love to pair this one with springy green eyeshadow!

A traditional lipstick! This one, unfortunately, you can't get in Canada- it's the LORAC Alter Ego Highly Pigmented lipstick in Girl Next Door. It's a very light cotton candy baby pink, and I didn't think this was going to look good at all- I ordered it online and expected more of a rose petal shade- but I've been borderline obsessed with this lipstick for about a month now. It looks especially good with a pink or nude gloss on top, is so effortless and creamy, lasts forever, and the pigmentation on this sucker is insane for such a light shade. It doesn't look chalky either! Huge kudos to LORAC on this one!

Finally, and different from the rest, I have the H&M Sheer lipstick in Sweet Pea, a very light pink tinted lip balm. The feeling of it is rather thick on the lips, but it looks like practically nothing- just makes your lips look rosy and juicy. So easy to slap on!

What's your favourite colour of makeup to wear in the spring?

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