4 Jan 2016

Review: OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter in You Glow, Girl!

I went on a bit of an obsessed- er, dedicated- highlighter kick in December, snatching up any highlight I could find. My roommate and best friend, Winter, was very perceptive of this and picked me up a gorgeous highlighter for Christmas!

She got me one of the OFRA Cosmetics highlighters that they did in collaboration with the girls from the dupethat instagram account! She opted to get me the pinky-silver highlight, called You Glow, Girl!

 OFRA has been all the rage on instagram and youtube lately, mainly for their liquid lipsticks and collaborations with beauty mavens. I'm very excited to own something by them! The highlighter pan is about the same size as my Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm. The packaging feels a little cheap, but the product inside is perfection.

The texture is incredibly smooth and barely powdery at all. Here's a swatch from one angle, showing the pinkiness of the highlight. From here, it almost looks like I could use this as a blush topper!

But shift my hand and... bam! Silvery highlighting goodness!

On the face, this is phenomenal. It's super metallic and pigmented- if you want a subtle highlight you wouldn't like this. It makes my cheeks look almost wet.

Thank you, Winter, for gifting me this beautiful, unique product!

Have you tried anything by OFRA yet?

1 comment:

  1. I have this one and I freaking love how it looks against my warm skin. :D

    The Pout Painters


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