4 Jan 2016

Project Pan 2016 Starts NOW!

My Project Finish It for 2015 wasn't a total resounding success, but nevertheless, I'm going to do a Project Pan and a Project Finish It this year! Here are the products I'm going to do my best to hit pan on this year!

Mostly eyeshadows, with one blush (that can also be used as a shadow).

This CabanaBoy blush by theBalm was the first non-drugstore blush I ever purchased, and I've sparsely used it since- however, I got onto a kick with it this past December, and I've realized how versatile and wearable this blush is! It's going to be tough to hit pan, for sure, and I know I won't get any use out of this while the weather is warm (I use cream blush in the late spring/summer). But until April, and then again starting in September, I'll hopefully be wearing this baby out. It's a huge blush and I've got no hope in hell of actually finishing it, but hitting pan on it is definitely one of my bigger 'beauty' goals of the year.

This Colourpop shadow in I <3 This is going to be a tricky one. It's a little dried out and doesn't apply very nicely as a result. That being said, it's a pretty unique colour in my collection, and one that's a little out of my normal smokey/matte bright comfort zone (wait, I have a comfort zone?!). So I really want to get more use out of this, even just to broaden my horizons. Thank goodness the pans on these Colourpop shadows are ridiculously shallow.

This NARS eyeshadow duo in Madrague photographs horribly- it just won't freaking sit upright. The shadows inside, though, are two beautiful, blendable matte browns- one cool-toned, one warm- that I use as crease shades. I've been getting a lot of use out of this duo lately and I don't see myself having any problems hitting pan on these shades!

Ahh, la piece de resistance! (I was too lazy to switch my keyboard over to French. Why do I even have my DELF certification again?!) All bilingual issues of mine aside, I've chosen my beloved LORAC Pro 2 palette as my- say it with me- PAN! THAT! PALETTE! Why? Because I can. I love the shadows, and they're easy to pan, honestly (as you can see, I've already hit pan on Buff, the light cream matte shade- I got this palette in June). I'll have a bit more trouble with the dark shades, because they're so pigmented- especially Cocoa, holy crap- and more trouble with the shimmers than the mattes. But panning this palette is an endeavour I desperately want to dive into. I really, really, want the LORAC Pro Matte palette, and I'm not letting myself buy it until I've hit pan on every shade in this palette. Go me!

So, anyway, these are my life priorities. Use my makeup! Honestly, I have so much, that I think it's kind of an admirable goal, and these are fun to do. I'll do my best to post updates throughout the year of how I'm doing- and you can bet your butt I'll be posting to instagram whenever I hit pan on something.

What's something you've been trying to use up? Or something that you find is easy for you to hit pan on?

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