7 Dec 2015

31 Beauty Favourites of 2015: Day 6- Blush

On the 6th day of beauty... I talk about my favourite blush of the year! Well... my three favourite blushes. Blush is a very seasonal thing for me, so I picked one favourite blush for each season, excluding winter, which hasn't even landed in my city yet (is this what living in BC feels like?)

My favourite blush in the springtime was hands-down, my Joe Fresh colour adjust blush in Coral. It's a beautiful blush, a bit powdery, super pigmented and the colour of a ripe peach. In the spring, it wouldn't change colour on me much- it looked pretty much the same on my cheeks as in the pan. But once I tried to wear this is the summer (to my job at a pizza place, no less) and the heat of my face turned it bright pink. It looked awful! But for the spring, I just couldn't get enough of this blush.

Aaand here it is on my face!

The blush I couldn't get enough of in the summertime was the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape. It looks incredibly sheer in the swatch I'll show you, but it's gorgeous. It honestly looks like a watercolour paint on your cheeks! It's so flattering and gives me a healthy flush. I find that it doesn't go over foundation very well, which is why it was my easy slap-and-go summer blush. Honestly, I can't wait until next summer so that I can wear this beautiful product again.

Here I am wearing it!

My favourite fall blush was a surprising one- essence silky touch blush in Autumn Peach. Love this one! It's one of the two peachy blushes I own and has an incredible golden sheen. I love it so much more than I could ever love NARS Orgasm, I just think it's a hundred times prettier and has a better formula. It paired with almost every look and I still wear it frequently as we're going into winter.

Here it is on my face.

Here are swatches of the three, from the top: Joe Fresh coral, Josie Maran Pink Escape, and essence autumn peach.

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