27 Sep 2015

Plum Eyeshadow: 3 Ways!

Keeping with the CBB's September Plum theme, I had a serious brainstorming session to come up with plum-related posts. Eventually I settled on detailing three different ways on how to wear plum eyeshadow! Let's get going.

#1: As a Sheer Wash of Colour

Plum shadow is surprisingly sophisticated when used as your only eyeshadow, especially as a sheer wash of colour. For this look, you're going to want to take a fluffy brush and a warm, pinky plum shadow with some shimmer to it. I chose this shade from the Wet N Wild Silver Lake Thrift Store Chic palette.

Dip your fluffy shadow brush gently in the shadow, then begin patting it on your lid. Keep going to just above your crease and around the outer corner. Make sure you have any dark circles covered, and make sure your brows are well-groomed but not too bold. This will make your eyes stand out, without being too distracting. Alternatively, start by dabbing the shadow into the center of the eyelid, diffusing outwards. Pair with brown mascara (I didn't have any, so I just used black.) This creates a distinctive, trendy, and romantic look.


#2: To Line Your Lower Lash Line

Unexpected pops of bright colour on the lashline are so trendy right now! Use a small liner or concealer brush to line your bottom lashes with a bright shimmery royal plum shadow. I used Urban, from the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment palette.

I used my liner brush to line my bottom lashlines, keeping the rest of the eye look neutral. I made sure my face was fully made up to create a flawless canvas for this look- I wanted the purple to be the first thing people saw on my face, with no dark circles or blemishes to distract. I contrasted the look with bold brows.

#3: A Soft Matte Look

For this last look, I used my LORAC Pro 2 palette to create a light, soft matte brown and plum eye.

 I honestly can't remember exactly what I did for this look, but I really like it, so have a whole whack of pictures. I do remember that it involved a whole lot of blending.

I used the plum as the crease colour and the final effect was very nice. The matching plum lipstick really brought out the plum tone in my eyeshadow.

Yay! Blatant narcissism!

I hope this post provided you with some fall eyeshadow inspiration! Link me in the comments if you do a plum look you'd like me to see!

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