28 Jan 2015

The Brow Tag

My eyebrows were the first makeup I learned how to do and honestly I think it’s what makes me look the most different. I can’t go out without doing my brows. So here’s how I do them!

 Here’s my naked brow in all of its glory.
 Here are the products I use- a spoolie, a brown kohl pencil, ardell brow powder, an angled eyeliner brush, and a GOSH tinted brow gel. 
First I brush my brows into place with the spoolie. 
Then, I outline the general shape I want with the kohl.
 Next, I fill them in with the powder and brush.
 Finally, I use the gel to make sure they stay in place!
 Here is what I look like with only one brow done.
See the difference it makes?

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