28 Jan 2015

Review: essence Dark Romance Velvet Mousse Blush

I know it’s mean of me to post about limited-edition releases that have since passed, but I’m still flexing my review muscles and this product is just so fascinating I had to show it off. It’s a mousse blush… and I have multiple mousse blushes. But this one is very different.

 Check out that texture! And the case is beautiful, too.
Did I mention the colour? Oh my god. It’s a totally unapologetic cherry red.
 The top swatch isn’t a skin condition, it’s what the blush looks like when I tap a finger on top of it and lightly press my finger on my skin. Below is the blended-out swatch.
It’s so pretty. This is a light application; I can build it up to clown cheeks if I want. 
I just love essence a lot, okay?! Their limited edition blushes are the best. If there were one product I wish I had bought two of, it would be this one.

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