28 Jan 2015

Review: the Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks in Candy Cuddle and Let's Grape it On

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing, people. It’s even worse when you think something is going to be amazing and then you’re let down big time. 
That’s what happened to me with these babies. Don’t the tubes look sleek? Isn’t the one on the right such a unique-looking shade?

 They’re really hard and sheer in swatches. Let’s Grape it On is a mauve purple with a ton of gritty gold glitter. Candy Cuddle is a basic pink, the colour of dubble bubble. Not too offensive.
My problem is how they wear.

 Let’s Grape it On (seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?) looks okay but feels super gritty on the lips. I end up with chunks of glitter stuck in my teeth, somehow. Plus, the bullet is so hard I have to pass over my lips multiple times for the colour to show, which makes me feel like I’m using a lip scrub made of glitter. Then this shit disappears or goes patchy as hell in, like, an hour.
Candy Cuddle should be better because it’s not glittery, right? Wrong! It has the same application and wear problems as LGiO, it’s weirdly uncomfortable (it feels like my lips are collecting dew) and smells off.

In short, you couldn’t make me wear these for free and I actually cried upon realizing how much I didn’t like them.

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