29 Oct 2015

Review: Various Shiro Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Here I am. About to embark on the single most in-depth review I've attempted, my Shiro Cosmetics indie eyeshadows.

(Note: Bog Body is made by Detrivore Cosmetics and thus will not be featured in this review.)

Shiro is a popular indie company that boasts "handcrafted makeup and geekery". They carry other brands in their online shop as well, such as Detrivore, Victorian Disco and Femme Fatale cosmetics. They offer a wide selection of cosmetics, including custom lip glosses, finishing powders, contouring powders, and blush- but their pièce de résistance is their fandom-themed loose eyeshadows.

First off, I'm going to say: I love their online shop. It's so well put together and their product shots are gorgeous, and I browse without the intent to buy anything a lot because it's such a pleasant site to be on! Their checkout works very well, too, and their shipping prices are good, especially for an indie company.

It took them about 10 days to package and ship my order, and another month for it to get to me (because of customs). It came packaged in a bubble mailer, with the eyeshadows in a separate paper bag with the Shiro sticker on it.The package also included some candy- they do this with every order, isn't that awesome?- and a Shiro business card.

I ordered my shadows based on colour, as Shiro doesn't feature any fandoms that I have an interest in at the moment. I ordered mini sizes of Cornucopia (from the Tributes collection), Champion (from the Super Effective collection), Alkahestry (from the Fullmetal collection), and Zora Sapphire (from the Legends collection). I also ordered sample baggies of Din's Fire (from the Legends collection), Evolve (from the Super Effective collection), and Majora's Mask (from the Legends collection).
The owner graciously provided me with free sample baggies of I Understood That Reference (from the World's Mightiest Heroes collection) and Heart Piece (from the Legends collection).

Alright. Onto the review! I'll be comparing the eyeshadow to the website pictures and description, as well as judging the shadows' quality themselves.

I chose to do three swatches of each colour- a dry swatch, a damp (foiled) swatch, and a swatch over a white base.

Each swatch set is as follows-
TOP: Dry
MIDDLE: Foiled with e.l.f. Mist & Set
BOTTOM: Over NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Milk

Majora's Mask

The website describes it as: "Vivid blurple with orange shimmer and tons of red, green, and yellow sparks. "

It's definitely a blurple. The foiled swatch is the best-looking by far, showing off the shimmer. I'm really not getting the orange here. The glitter is multidimensional, but I'm mostly seeing silver. Still, it's a very nice colour, not one that I have in my collection. 

I Understood That Reference


The website describes it as: "Deep patriotic blue with red duochrome and subtle white sparkles. Not lip-safe."

Some shadows, like plans, were made to be foiled. This is one of those shadows. I'm breathtaken by this duochrome. The top swatch looks so blah, but add some moisture, or a white base and then... BAM! Magic happens. A blue that is also red. The white glitter is sparse enough that it livens up the duochrome instead of overpowering it. I Understood That Reference is my new favourite colour, guys. I think Shiro is seriously underselling this shadow. It's great, end of story, and I am definitely ordering a full size of this once I finish up my baggie.



The website describes it as: "Vivid matte opaque blue with subtle white shimmer. Not lip-safe."

An accurate description. This is a beautiful matte blue, à la Urban Decay's Chaos. The white shimmer adds a multidimensional shift. One thing I do find, though, is that a lot of product is needed to get an opaque finish. Nice, though. I love using this one for pride looks!


The website describes it as: "Bright, bold yellow with strong golden shimmer. "

I would describe this as a gold that is on the yellow side, plain and simple. It's very nice, and when foiled it gets a nice olive sheen to it. Warning, though, it can stain your skin yellow!

Din's Fire


The website describes it as: "Delicate cool toned pinky-purple with a scattering of red sparks."

Oh, man. This was a strong contender for my favourite shadow of the bunch. It's the colour of a shimmery, dew-covered lilac. I'm not seeing the red sparks, but that's fine, because it's gorgeous. I love it.



The website describes it as: "Sheer-ish pale violet with a brilliant blue-sparkle base."

Ooh... pretty... this is a shadow made to be layered over another, or foiled, no exceptions. It's a sparkly as heck (for the love of fallout!) blue-toned purple with an aqua shimmer/duochrome. For the love of all that is holy, foil this baby. If not, it looks great over any cream shadow.

Zora Sapphire


The website describes it as: "Deep teal with very strong green shimmer."

I've given you two different lightings of this one, because HOO BOY, is this baby ever gorgeous! I've been totally ignoring it because it does look very blue in the jar but as soon as you swatch it, bam- green! It's beautiful, reminds me of a dragon. Let me repeat that, this is the second shadow in my order in which the duochrome has /totally changed the appearance/ of the eyeshadow from pan to arm. As a lover of duochromes... well... I'm in love all over again with this teal shadow with a spring green duochrome.

Heart Piece


The website describes it as: "Vivid hot pink with golden sparkle."

If this is hot pink, then I'm a famous beauty blogger. It's a red with gold shimmer. It's very impressive and I love it for what it is! It works very nicely as a shadow-liner.


The website describes it as: "Poster paint red with a slight pink cast."

I don't know what poster-paint red is, sadly, but to me this is a blood-red that takes on a bit of a gold tinge when foiled. However, when swatched over the white base, the pink came out to play.

Here I am testing them out. I am awful with loose eyeshadows, to be totally honest, so take the looks with a grain of salt. These looks were all done by foiling the shadows.

Here I am wearing Evolve, I Understood That Reference, and Champion.

Here is Zora Sapphire on the lid with a Too Faced gold shadow in the inner corner.

Here is Alkahestry over Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cream Shadow in Overboard.

I'm sorry I can't provide eye looks of all of them, but I definitely recommend checking Shiro cosmetics out if you like loose shadows!

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