28 Oct 2015

My Favourite Fall Items from Bath & Body Works

Hey guys! Time to share some of my favourite fall items with you- scented items from Bath & Body Works! 

My new town where I go to uni doesn't have a Bath and Body Works, so this is all stuff I brought from home. As such, I don't have any of the new 2015 Fall scents. These picks aren't necessarily promoted for fall, either, I just like using them the most this season. I've got an assortment of body care and home scent. 

Mahogany Teakwood is a classic scent. Smoky, masculine and deep. I love using the shower gel and lotion in the fall as an interesting departure from my usual fruity body products.

The reason I can't show you guys any candles is because they're prohibited in my dorm! So, instead, I use these Wallflower bulbs. They go into my maple-leaf shaped wall plugin and fill my whole room with amazing scent.  Here I have Marshmallow Fireside- Smoky, strong and sweet. Wasabi Apple- my favourite scent ever, crisp and spicy. And Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, rich and decadent.

Last but not least! I don't get dry hands, but I love this scent so much. Black Cherry Merlot is fruity, deep and absolutely freaking delicious. I love it so, so much that I carry this hand cream with me through all seasons, though it is appropriate for fall.

Well, that's my favourite fall items from B&BW! Any new scents I should try on my next trip home?

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