16 Aug 2016

Disappointing Products (That The Internet Made Me Buy): Face Edition

Today (night?) I'm melding two posts I've been meaning to do into one: a disappointing products post, and a post about products that the internet 'made me buy' or otherwise influenced me to purchase (whether it be general hype or a specific recommendation from an idol or friend). And to get even more specific, this post will feature all face products, because I've got a lip and eye post coming later on! So let's just jump into this, shall we?
I excitedly anticipated the release of the L'Oreal Pro Glow foundation after I saw the preview on instagram. I was sure it would become my new Holy Grail foundation. It claimed everything I wanted in a foundation, it was drugstore, for dry skin, had some very pale, cool shades, and it came in a squeeze tube.  What more could I have asked for? My excitement doubled when I heard youtubers reviewing this foundation- actually going somewhat in-depth- and raving about it. They said it lasted all day and made their skin look gorgeous.

I finally got my hands on it after three weeks of stalking the local Wal-Mart. I was so sure that I would love it, that I applied it before work that day without testing the wear first. That was a mistake. This foundation seemed to eat up any powder I set it with. It looked decent for an hour and then gummed up in all of my lines- and worse, it started to wipe off my face in huge clumps. It was like my skin was repelling the product. I looked like hell for a good half of my work shift.

And then..... it broke me out. I'm not particularly acne-prone, but suddenly I had red and white pimples all over my cheeks, chin, and in between my eyes. It took a week for the breakout to be appeased with masks and spot treatments. The whole texture of my skin was thrown off and irritated. In short, I'm never going to wear this foundation again. I wanted to do a full review and wear test, but I just can't bear to put this stuff on my face again.


Another product that I was excited to buy (okay, let's face it, for someone like me, every new makeup purchase is exciting) was the NYX HD Photogenic concealer. My Youtube idol, Kayla Hagey, used it all the time to highlight her face and conceal blemishes and it looked awesome. Sadly, it doesn't agree with my dry skin- I found it clung to patches that I didn't even know were dry, even with a smoothing primer underneath. This made the coverage look cakey no matter what I did. I'm still willing to give this one another chance, but after hearing it be hyped up for so long, this concealer was a huge letdown.


(photo credit: amazon.com)
I don't actually have my own product picture since I already gave the product away, but the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso has been a cult favourite of Youtubers and bloggers alike for years. It's supposed to complement and give life to any skin tone- but it seems I have one of the skin tones it just isn't flattering on. Now, I love orange blush, but this is a shade of peachy-orange that on me, makes it look as if I applied patches of a too-dark foundation to my cheeks. I can't make this look good on me no matter what I do. At least in this case it's not a dud product, just a shade that's unflattering on me personally.


Kathleenlights is one of my favourite Youtubers, and she loves the NYC Smooth Skin Powder. I'd seen her using it in a few tutorials recently, and had been running out of my favourite loose powder. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a huge tub of loose powder for around five dollars... well, apparently I could. I found my makeup looking just... bad, somehow, whenever I used this powder, and then I figured out that it was making my concealer and foundation oxidize really badly. It also exacerbated wrinkles I didn't even know that I had! It made me feel ugly, and that's the opposite of what makeup is supposed to do, so I'm not going to use this product anymore and consider it disappointing.


My last disappointing product is one that I still use regularly, but one that I could definitely live without as it didn't live up to my expectations. Hold the rotten tomatoes- that product is none other than BECCA's Champagne Pop. It was recommended to me by several of my blogging friends in the CBB, but I don't fault them for that. ;D

I just don't know how to feel about this product. It looks gorgeous and reflective on everyone else- just watching Chelle of Makeup Your Mind apply it in her videos is a religious experience. But on me, it's just okay. The powder has glitter in it, which I don't like, and I find myself reaching for this highlighter only out of obligation. I much prefer BECCA Moonstone to Champagne Pop, and that might just be because of my skin tone, but I find the product itself to be dry and a little powdery. I don't know if I regret making this purchase, necessarily, but I do know that I was disappointed with this product.


What's the last product you bought because of the online world of beauty influencing? Did you love or hate it? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing Megan :) It was great to hear your thoughts and I have a feeling they will be pretty accurate for me as well - since I find we might be similar in skin tone/type. However, I absolutely in love with the NYC Loose Powder but I find that baking with the product is a better technique for using it than just applying it.

    Krystal // embraceandignite.blogspot.ca

  2. Really cool concept to meld together! Because it's so true... we buy items others recommend and sometimes they just don't work out!

    I don't get the hype over Luminoso either. I have it, and use it occasionally... but it's just like any other blush of the same tone!

    OH MY GOD NO!!!!! You don't like Champagne Pop??? AHHHH!!!! /sheds a tear for you
    Wait, yours has glitter in it??? Mine doesn't have that!


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