13 May 2016

Website Review: Ordering from Glambot

Some things just sound too good to be true.

I stumbled upon the website Glambot while looking for blog sales a while ago. Used makeup doesn't gross me out in the slightest and I hate paying full price for things, but sales on high-end makeup are few and far between. Plus, tracking down LE collections that you missed out on is torture, and you usually end up getting fakes on eBay.

So what's Glambot? It's a used makeup sale site. Like a Plato's Closet for makeup. People sell their used makeup to Glambot, and they sanitize it and sell it for a lower price than retail. The website tells you the fill level and condition of the item you're looking at. They have free shipping on $50-plus orders in the USA and Canada and $90-plus internationally; otherwise, flat-rate shipping is $5 to the USA and Canada and $10 internationally. Prices are in USD. There are tons of items in their sale section and they have a 20% sale just about every weekend.

The prices on Glambot definitely seemed too good to be legit, like a dream. MAC LE lipsticks for ten bucks? Yeah right. Had to be a scam. But the temptation proved too strong, and I ended up ordering some stuff. I

It took about 5 days for the order to process and 2 weeks til it arrived to my house. The products came in a bubble mailer with Glambot tape on it.

They threw in a pack of tissues for free. Thanks, I guess?

The eyeliners came in their own foil packet. It seems pretty professional.

Here's the goods! I checked the fill levels on the site and all were accurate. All were sharpened.

The cheek stain came in its own bubble wrap packet.

All of the products came with these little stickers on them, just to seal them after they'd been sanitized, I guess. 

I've since ordered from Glambot quite a number of times, close to ten. They've started selling brands like Makeup Geek and Colourpop in addition to the usual MAC and high-end Sephora brands. I've only had a handful of problems with the site, and they've all been resolved.

-Once, there was an item missing from my order. I contacted them and while they could not send the item, as it had gotten sent in another package to someone else, they refunded me the full price (not the sale price I had paid) and gave me 5 additional dollars in store credit.

-With my second most recent order, I ordered on Black Friday. They received an unprecedented amount of traffic and my order slip got lost. Once contacted, the sent the order out right away.

So, some tips for ordering from Glambot:

-Glambot customer service takes a while to respond- up to a week and a half- but they're exceptionally receptive and accommodating.
-They're always having sales.
-Jump on whatever you want immediately if it's an LE or hot ticket item. It's like Winners in that way.
-ALWAYS look for swatches online before ordering.
-I wouldn't recommend buying MAC powder products from them, as I find that MAC powders get hard and crumbly before other brands do. (My MAC shadows from them are hard to get payoff from them, but my NARS ones from them are fine.)
-Turnaround time is about a week and a half at best. Shipping is two weeks.
-They will usually post on their instagram (glambotlove) any hot-ticket items or hauls they'll be putting on the site a while before they're up.

Good luck and happy ordering!
Disclosure: Glambot has no idea who I am, and did not pay me or otherwise compensate to write this post!

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  1. I've never ordered from Glambot, but they always seem to have good prices!


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