27 Feb 2016

Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks in Vintage and Stone Fox

The NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks have finally landed in Canada! I picked these two up from Rexall, but I've seen them at Shoppers DrugMart as well. How exciting!

I picked up the shades Vintage and the much-coveted Stone Fox.

The applicator is a long, tilted doe-foot. It makes it very easy to get a sharp lip line, which I really appreciate.

(L-R: Vintage, Stone Fox)

Vintage is a dark, rusty cherry red.

Stone Fox is a steely blue-grey.

Vintage gave me more issues on the wear than Stone Fox did. I found it required two layers to be fully opaque and not patchy, and then it took forever to dry down. I found that it was harder to get a crisp line with this shade due to its lack of opacity.

Stone Fox applied creamier than Vintage, and only required one coat.

Both lipsticks stayed creamy for a while after application, then set to a consistency that wasn't transferproof but definitely reminiscent of a traditional liquid lipstick. My problem with these was the wear time- these wore off strangely, and fairly easily. Vintage got faded and just generally bad-looking on the lips, while Stone Fox was a bit crumbly and transferred off the center of the lips very quickly (something you definitely don't want when you're wearing a grey lipstick).

I'll be using these for photos, as they're very nice colours. But, I'm afraid to wear these out, because of the wear, and I won't be purchasing any more shades. Still, I'm glad that newer NYX products are landing in Canada now!

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