7 Aug 2015

July 2015 Empties!

Hey guys! First of all, let it be known how sorry I am for these impromptu hiatuses. I've been really busy with work since they transferred me to night shift and I've been spending days asleep and nights awake. Not very good for makeup blogging. Also, both my laptop and phone went kaput and I had to get new ones- still figuring out the ups and downs and ins and outs of both devices. But I managed to keep track of my empties this month- and there's quite a few! I'm really proud of how many products I finished, since that almost never happens. Here they are!

1. Delon Cotton Pads: I really like these. They're well-woven and not fluffy, and they have a textured cloth layer over one side which makes them perfect for taking off nail polish and liquid lipstick, yet they're just soft enough to take off eye makeup! They don't fall apart when scrubbing at stubborn arm swatches either. Total win! Have several backups, will repurchase and I don't think I will go back to anything else.

2. Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser: I had this for AGES. All through junior high and high school. At first I loved it as it made my skin feel super soft, but I grew to hate the microbeads in it. My little sister ended up finishing it off. Would not repurchase.

3. CUTEX polish remover: Delightfully abrasive, cheap and effective. I've gone through lots of these and prefer it over gentler formulas. Will repurchase.

4.Garnier Nutrisse Rich Hydrating Conditioner: Fine. Came in a box of hair dye. I think my sister used most of it, as I don't often use conditioner.

5.Up & Up Cleansing Cloths: I found these at Dollarama after Target made its exit from Canada. I really, really like these. I bought 17 more packs, so I'm set for a year and a half.

6. Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme d/s: A hand cream. I don't and never have had dry hands, so I only use hand cream for the scent. Wouldn't purchase.

7. Fruits & Passion Shower Gel sample: smelled really generic and artificial. Wouldn't purchase. 

8. Josie Maran Argan Milk moisturizer/face serum thingy sample: I'm honestly doing my best to remember what these things are now. Young Wild And Polished was right when she talked about this: it feels like breast milk. I didn't notice any long-lasting effects on my face.

9. SeaRX facial exfoliant: I really liked this, it was gentle, effective, smelled like lemons and the tube lasted a long time. I would probably purchase this.

10. epice facial exfoliant: same deal. Lasted a looong time, was effective, nice gentle little grains. I'll miss it.

11. GLAMGLOW Tinglexfoliate treatment mud mask or something: I didn't notice any long lasting effects to my face, but oh boy did this burn. And I don't have sensitive skin. It was a fun experience but I wouldn't purchase.

12. Lady Speed Stick deodorant in Tropical Breeze: the first deodorant I ever purchased. I don't think I could repurchase this scent because I associate it with nervousness and eighth-grade trauma.

13. Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo: I finished a whole jumbo bottle of shampoo! Go me. This smelled really good and cleaned my hair effectively, however now I'll be looking for a shampoo that combats my dandruff problem.

14. Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini mini mason jar candle: Loved the scent of this. Already purchased in a room spray form, as I'm not allowed to burn candles in my dorm room come September.

15. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair: Wow, I went through this fast. I love it! It's the perfect amount of coverage, comfortable and evens out my skin tone. Have already purchased a backup!

16. Benefit's They're Real! Mascara Mini: I loved this toward the end as the formula dried out a bit. I might repurchase the mini size. I actually bought the full size in Beyond Blue a little while ago.

17. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara: No. No no. It made my lashes look great but oh god it was so wet and moussey and the brush was ginormous. Would not repurchase.

18. Cherimoya Navy Blue Mascara: Picked up for a dollar at TJ Maxx when I was in the states. I would actually repurchase this if I were given the chance.

19. Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner mini: the packaging on this was stupid, but I liked the formula. Will be purchasing a full size, as this is something I can see myself using.

20. Everyday Minerals Cheek blush sample: Can't remember what shade this was in, but it was a light lavender colour that wouldn't show up on my skin no matter how much I packed on. Would not purchase.

21. Urban Decay Naked Flushed sample in Streak: I actually kind of liked this but have too many blushes to consider buying a full size. I might get one for my sister though.

22. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid in Opal: Oh I did not like this at all. I didn't even finish the sample. Made me look so, so, so greasy and just. No. Wouldn't purchase.

And les pieces du resistance, my Finish-It 2015 items!

23. Estee Lauder Hydra Bright Tone Correcting Moisturizer: Sooo glad this is gone. You have no idea. I could not stand the smell and it never sank in but YAY it's finished.

24. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream 1-5: I couldn't be sadder, on the other hand, that this is gone. It's my holy grail face powder and has since been discontinued. I used every last particle. RIP.

Total Empties: 24

Hooray! Now to finish my July Favourites post..

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