14 Nov 2014

review- too faced glamour gloss in sexpot

Today I have for you the Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sexpot, a medium pink with some warm lavender undertones (Too Faced's website describes it as a “sheer lilac”). I picked this up at Marshalls for a very comfortable ten dollars- I wouldn't have paid full price for this. Not saying it's worth closer to ten dollars than 21, there are just other things I'd rather buy with 21 dollars. This was purely an impulse buy, and all of my impulse buys range from 5-10 dollars.

It was the first Too Faced product I've seen at Marshalls, which excited me considerably- the closest place that even sells Too Faced is the Sephora four hours away! It was totally unexpected.

Pigmentation isn't totally satisfactory, but that's probably just because I've been buying insanely pigmented lip lacquers lately and have thus gotten unfamiliar with the colour of my natural lips. This gloss adds a sheer bubblegum tint and a hell of a lot of thick shine without being sticky.
Here, have some swatches.

sorry, took this right now because I realized I didn't have a lip swatch!

I failed to notice upon purchase that this gloss contains Too Faced's “lip injection” formula- I was too distracted because ooh, purpley. It's not a tragedy, but I would have preferred a regular gloss. About ten seconds after application, you can feel the plumping ingredients work. I would liken the initial sensation to the feeling you get when you apply peppermint lip balm- except this feeling doesn't go away. It's also about ten times stronger. I wore this gloss for an hour and a half and the feeling was still there. It starts to fade about three hours into wear. The gloss itself has lasted through six hours and a lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. Pretty impressive stuff, but since this makes my lips feel so incredibly cold, this is going to be a gloss for summer pretty much exclusively. I didn't find it plumped my lips too significantly, anyway. I expected the plumping ingredient (pretty sure it's peppermint oil) to dry out my lips like the Burt's Bees lip shimmers, but I was pleasantly surprised to actually find it a little hydrating.

The packaging is perfectly lovely-looking. Metallic baby pink is pretty much my favourite colour, and the colours of cap and gloss are complimentary. The little baubley design is cute and while I like the adorable plastic jewel on the cap for my own purposes (those purposes mostly consisting of placing it in my hoard and staring at the shiny, like a dragon or perhaps a magpie) it's a little bit tacky for reapplying in public. But overall, I like the aesthetic, which is impressive because I tend to hate Too Faced's packaging. Seriously, animal print, get it away from me.

Overall, this is a really nice gloss and if you like the packaging, and like having your lips plumped, definitely go ahead and pick one up.

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